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Managing Your
Health Conditions in Between Office Visits
Service Overview

The Premium Care Program helps your physician keep up with your health status in between office visits. We provide virtual care services to you as a part of your physician's practice. Here's how it works:

How it Works

Your physician may prescribe a device to monitor your vital signs from your home.


We ship the device to your home. There is no setup and nothing to plug in.


You use the device at your home and it automatically transmits to our secure database.


Blood pressure, pulse oximetry, blood glucose, weight, and temperature


You or your doctor's office schedules an appointment for your first Care Coach phone call.


Your Care Coach calls you once a month at the scheduled time and conducts a health screening.


Your Care Coach submits a clinical report directly to your doctor for review.


You will receive a monthly telephone call from a Care Coach who is a virtual extension of your doctor's office. The Care Coach will discuss your health and conditions to develop an individual care plan.

This plan covers:

  • Medical issues and goals

  • Other doctors involved in your care

  • Medications you take and how to take them 

  • Education about your conditions

  • Coordinating your care

  • Additional community services

  • Nutrition

  • Physical & Emotional Wellness

  • Education about COVID-19

Better Engagement,
Better Outcomes

We increase the communication and feedback between you as a patient and your medical provider. 

High Touch Care

Our clinical team of English and Spanish-speaking nurses and medical assistants call you once per month to discuss changes in your health conditions. 

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