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Physical Wellness
is listening to and taking care of your body for optimal health and functioning.  



Watching what you put into your body, how much activity you get, and your weight are important for keeping your body working properly. Positive physical health habits can help decrease your stress, lower your risk of disease, and increase your energy.  

Senior Couple Doing Yoga


Best Stretches to do for Better Flexibility 

Yoga Practice

Relieve Pain

Easy Stretches to Relieve Pain

Above the Clouds

Feel Calmer

Breathing Exercises

to Make you Feel Calmer

White Chair in an Empty Room

Chair Stretches

Reverse the Effects of Sitting for Long Periods



Everyday Stretches for Improved Mobility

Man Drinking Water

Stay Hydrated

How much water does your body need?

Rock Balancing


Balance exercises 

Rock Balancing

Chair Exercises

Silver Sneaker Chair Exercises

Friends Working Out


Stability exercises

Rock Balancing

Mayo Exercise

Exercise Goals

Rock Balancing


Includes exercises using a walker

Rock Balancing

Chair Video

Chair Yoga Flow

Short Yoga Video

Seven Minute Yoga Flow

Specialized Strength Training

How to Strengthen Your Knee


Seven Simple Moves


How to Set Fitness Goals

Strength Training

The Basics

Sciatica Exercises

Find Relief

Sciatica Exercises

Ease the pain



Arthritis Exercises

Beneficial Ways to Alleviate Arthritis Pain



Sit and Stand

Arthritis Exercises



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