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Patient Resources

COVID-19 Patient Resources

March 2021

Q & A about Johnson & Johnson One dose Vaccine


Comparison of JJ, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in a summary

January 2021

Search for a VACCINE Hub:

Vaccine Distribution Plan in Texas, Q&A

Please check your Local Pharmacies Daily:

HEB (please check daily to see if the list is active)  


Dallas Area/NE Texas VACCINE SIGN UP:


Collin County

Dallas County

or Hotline 469-749-9900

City of Garland

Denton County

Tyler area

Tarrant County




Abilene Taylor Country

Abilene Vaccine Registration

(HEB waitlist- please check daily) 

(Parker County is a bit of a drive from Abilene as is Tarrant county above) 


Houston/Humble area VACCINE SIGN UP:


HEB (please check daily )  

(no waitlist- but can sign up for alerts) 

Montgomery County vaccine interest form

Liberty County (Emergency Hospitals in Cleveland Area)-

Call 281-806-7370 or 281-806-7380 to register for waitlist 

Houston Methodist Hospital-

please check daily, they temporarily close the waitlist if no vaccines are available

Harris County:

please check daily, they temporarily close the waitlist if no vaccines are available

St Luke's Health

Brookshire Brother's pharmacy waitlist

Information about Side Effects and Myths of the Vaccine


Side effects of COVID-19 vaccine


Myths about the COVID-19 vaccine


What to do if you've been exposed to the coronavirus, are sick or caring for someone with COVID-19


Facts about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

December 2020 

A COVID-19 vaccine is coming. Will it be safe?


Flu vs. COVID-19


How to turn COVID-19 weight gain around


Coping with pandemic loneliness this holiday season


Tips for exercise during the pandemic

November 2020

What to do about holiday gatherings and travel during the COVID-19 pandemic,protect%20yourself%20and%20others.


Symptoms of COVID-19 vs flu vs allergies vs colds


Safety of seeing your doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic


11 more myths about COVID-19


Breathing techniques for stress relief


October 2020

What to do about weight gain during the pandemic


Useful mental health and wellness apps


Maintaining wellness for older adults and caregivers


Maintain or start health sleep habits during the pandemic


Don’t skip mammogram appointments due to COVID-19


September 2020

24/7 Crisis Line and COVID-19 Mental Health Support line for Dallas county residents (MSA patients)

DFW Sewing Relief (for patients looking to help or have a hobby while at home) 

Volunteer to sew masks or assemble mask-making kits for front line healthcare workers and first responders


COVID-19-related mental health support for all Texans. 

Call the Statewide COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919  


COVID testing sites Harris County (Wellspire patients)


When and where to get flu shots (AARP article)


Go in or Call in? Guidance for Routine Health Care During COVID-19


Updated explanation on types of tests from the State of Texas – Click on “Covid-19 Testing Explained”


Update from CDC on running essential errands


Stopping the spread of COVID-19 in children (many of our patients are grandparents and express concern about their grandchildren’s safety and health)


Dining out linked to increased COVID-19 risk by CDC study (note: this study does not differentiate between indoor and outdoor dining. Caution in partaking in public activities where masks cannot be worn 100% of the time, i.e. eating and drinking)


Update from CDC on masks and care of masks


What to do after returning from travel


Stay on target with diabetes using telemedicine


Tips for caregivers of dementia patients during COVID-19


Site to search for free/reduced cost services (prescription assistance, meal delivery, etc.)


August 2020

Sleep hygiene during pandemic,and%20try%20to%20fall%20asleep.


Common questions about the food you eat and COVID-19


Nonprofit offering connection to therapists that have sliding scale fees for appointments between $30-$60. Can search by location.


Self-Care for Family Caregivers


Flu vs. COVID-19


CDC Updated Travel Advice Q&A


Avoid skipping doctor’s appts for those with chronic conditions


Spanish language COVID-19 articles from AARP


AARP guide to getting started with meditation (this is really helpful!)


Benefits check-up (resources based on patient’s location- utilities, meds, meals, etc.)


Tips for Telehealth Visits


Balance exercises- Many of our patients would normally be going to balance therapy/PT for balance but can’t due to COVID, here are exercises they can do with a chair at home (with pictures)


Updated list of DO NOT USE hand sanitizers (most are made/sold in Mexico)- they contain Methanol which is harmful even in absorption through the skin


Link to map of Texas COVID 19 testing sites (updated)


Travel during COVID (seeing quite a few CCM notes mentioning patients going to visit family)


July 2020 

Differences in COVID-19 testing methods (antibody vs active infection diagnostic testing)


Staying safe as stay-at-home orders are lifted


How to safely go to doctor's visits


COVID-19 and mental health


COVID-19 myth vs. fact


Stress Relief Guide by Kaiser Permanente (this one is applicable beyond COVID and very well done)


COVID-19- resources/tips for caregivers of patients with dementia


Controlling BP during the pandemic


A great visual and basic explanation of COVID-19 (pdf and web version)



A guide on choosing to go out (events, see family, dinner, etc.)


Institute on Aging Friendship Line “Institute on Aging’s 24-hour toll-free Friendship Line is the only accredited crisis line in the country for people aged 60 years and older, and adults living with disabilities. We also make on-going outreach calls to lonely older adults.”


Risk level of exposure to COVID-19 for certain activities


Grocery Shopping during the pandemic (English and Spanish as well as video)


Tips for Older Adults on dealing with Social Distancing (Isolation)


AARP COVID-19 Spanish resource page

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